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How Can You Protect Against OSHA's Most Cited Standard?

Fall Protection | Protect Against OSHA's Most Cited Standard
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Protect Against OSHA's Most Cited Standard with Fall Protection Safety Equipment

Prevent Falls and Close Calls with Mezzanine and Platform Barriers

Maintaining a safe, productive workplace is a key priority these days. As companies look for ways to maximize existing space within their facilities, many are expanding vertically, however, these unprotected mezzanines or multi-level environments pose a high risk for employee related falls. For this reason, safety precautions for elevated platforms and mezzanines must be addressed with proper mezzanine safety gates - a need for any facility that is looking to expand vertically and maintain employee safety.

Mezzanine Safety Gates: Top Reasons Why You Need Them Safety Standards for Mezzanines & Raised Platforms

Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveler Upgrade

How to Help Prevent Common Forklift Accidents

Nearly 7% of all forklift accidents are a result of driving off the edge of the dock. Many facilities enforce closed-door policies to address potential drop-off accidents. However, this is no match for forklifts which can weigh 3x that of a standard automobile. Learn how Safe-T-Lip® dock levelers are an ideal fall protection solution!

Dok-Guardian XL Safety Barrier

Protect the 4' Loading Dock Drop-Off

A single safety chain or closed-door policy is no match when it comes to safeguarding your personnel or equipment on a vacant loading dock. The best line of defense is to not only establish a physical barrier, but also provide a clear visual warning. Watch how you can prevent loading dock accidents from the 4-foot drop off with barriers like the Dok-Guardian™ product lineup.


Know Your Risks: Loading Dock Separation Accidents

Did you know, without a Dok-Lok® vehicle restraint, you're at risk for a variety of accidents caused by trailer separation? From trailer creep and early departure to trailer pop-up and landing gear collapse, Rite-Hite helps address these preventable accidents in every situation and application. Learn more.

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We've gathered our industry experts to bring you the latest information on all things material handling! From safety and security at the loading dock to energy savings and environmental control inside your facility, and everything in between, we cover it all! Each episode, released monthly, is loaded with helpful industry information.


COVID-19, Employee Separation and Safety Measures

· Actions companies have taken to address safety for their employees.
· Social distancing solutions to help separate workers in a facility or warehouse setting.
· Ways loading dock equipment can help provide a safe working environment.

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