Dok-Vu Dock Management and Dock Scheduling Software Made Simple

Dok-Vu is a secure, browser-based software system that makes centralized dock management intuitive. It’s a tool to make facility managers, logistics and material handlers, and yard management teams more efficient. 

It’s a must-have software for any team that works with carriers, on both large or small scales. 


How to Avoid Demurrage and Detention Charges

Detention charges can happen to both local and domestic customers, but they will hold the carrier responsible if they exceed the previously allotted time for shipping and receiving. Shippers are charged for this extra time, sometimes down to the hour, before the container is successfully moved or returned as planned. 

Intuitive logistics software resolves these issues by centralizing shipping data, operations schedules, and necessary documentation. Data is sharable, instantly retrievable, and paperless -- there’s no reason to waste any more time sifting through paper forms or waiting for other users to log out of appointment spreadsheets. 


Dok-Vu data helps speed trailer turn rates and reduce detention costs because users can track the actual time that the carrier arrives and the actual time the shipment has been loaded. Managers can easily retrieve reports and proof to ensure they’re only paying detention charges for the time that the carrier was on site.

Better yet, carriers can avoid long lines and wait times by checking themselves in and out and or by signing up for text alerts on unload status.


 “Dok-Vu is a game changer that takes our logistics operations to the next level and allows us to operate more efficiently and get more trucks in and out of our facility”

- General Manger, Food Facility 


Does Dok-Vu Help with Demurrage and Detention?

If your team is relying on traditional methods of coordinating operations, such as paper spreadsheets and two-way radios, there’s limited visibility into what’s actually happening and communication across the team presents an ongoing challenge. From the loading docks to the trailer yard to the warehouse, there is a growing need for clarity and order -- especially when the inefficiency leads to costly demurrage and detention charges. 

Dok-Vu dock management software by Rite-Hite shows you exactly which trailers are at their docks and how long they have been waiting. It provides real-time solutions: 

  • At-a-glance status of each dock position
  • Improve communication and reduce paper files
  • Manage appointments, monitor dwell times and help keep docks fully utilized
  • Develop proactive solutions to minimize detention and demurrage charges
  • Review current activity and historic trends to support data-based decisions
  • Boost employee morale Reduce the time it takes to train new employees
  • Bring employees up to speed easily

Put your confusion and clutter in the past with easy-to-use, browser-based solutions. Dock scheduling software should provide a full dashboard that gives your entire team access to the real-time info they need to manage appointments, monitor dwell times and help keep docks fully utilized.

Logistics scheduling software, like Dok-Vu, eliminates paper to bring loading dock communication together in real-time. It syncs across multiple devices so your team can better anticipate and avoid delays -- and the costly demurrage and detention charges they bring.

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