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Five Important Safety Regulations You Should Know

Five Important Safety Regulations You Should Know
Safety Never Stops at Rite-Hite

National Safety Month may be over, but at Rite-Hite, our focus on safety never stops. Bringing safety into your workplace or facility is no easy task and it is an ongoing effort. Not only are you trying to change behaviors, but you also need to stay informed about regulations.

Here are five regulations that require some close attention:

1. Handling Materials (OSHA 1910.176)

2. Walking Working Surfaces (OSHA 1910.28)

3. Ergonomics (OSHA 1910.900)

4. Machine Guarding (OSHA 1910.212(a)(3)(iii)

5. Noise Exposure (OSHA 1910.95)

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National Safety Month Wrap-Up

National Safety Month came and went as fast as an accident or near-miss can happen. For a proactive thought-leadership approach to safety, here are what other INSITE members interacted with most: Every Dock Vehicle Restraint Policy, In-Plant Safety Barriers and Every Dock Open Dock Policy.

Safety Star Photo Contest Winner

Safety Star Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems in El Paso, Texas! This photo, submitted by Celia Gonzalez, Safety Engineer, features SpanGuard Mesh and how they are keeping pedestrians, products and equipment safe. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest to show us what you are doing to keep your facility safe.


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From the "Applications of High Speed Doors" to the "Difference Between a Dock Plate and Dock Leveler", Rite-Hite keeps you informed of the latest industry trends and topics. Check out the newest blogs on our website!

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Air gaps at the loading dock are bad news for your business, creating contamination concerns, quality inspection issues, energy loss, and safety hazards. Rite-Hite dock seals and shelters apply the appropriate combination of products to produce the best seal possible on all four sides of the opening, both inside and outside.



Controlling Climate and Managing Heat Stress

Controlling Climate and Managing Heat Stress

Occupational Health & Safety


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