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Spotlight on How to Keep Your People Safe & Sound Always

Spotlight on How to Keep Your People Safe & Sound Always
Safe and Sound Week 2019

Safe + Sound Week (Aug 12-18, 2019) is a nationwide event held each August that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America's workers safe. With OSHA, VPPPA and the National Safety Council all as major sponsors, the message that safe workplaces are sound businesses should resonate with everyone.

Why is having a health and safety program important? Because safety never stops. Not only do health and safety programs prevent injuries, but they also help your business reduce costs, improve compliance and increase productivity. Rite-Hite fully believes this and always has safety firmly at the top of our list when it comes to the products we produce.

What is at the top of your safety list?

• Safety at the loading dock

• Safety inside the plant

Learn how you can participate in Safe + Sound Week 2019!

Zoneworks SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls

Controlling Facility Noise

Zoneworks SZ acoustic curtain walls are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to classic methods. Sound-absorbing materials in Zoneworks acoustic curtain walls can reduce noise levels by up to 22-25 dBs, depending on frequency and sound power. From employee safety to employee comfort, the benefits to keep noise levels under control in an industrial environment are valuable. Learn More

Approach Vu at the Loading Dock

Quiet Risks in the Drive Approach

Backing trailers are deceptively quiet, with the tractor over 70' away. In fact, OSHA recently identified semis as the 2nd leading cause of backover fatalities in the U.S. Learn how audible and visual alarms can help protect your workers on the dangerous drive approach!

Rite-Vu - Ready for Safe Use Communication

Communication: The Key to Success

According to HR magazine, 48% of employees said that confusing direction led to an average of 40 minutes of lost productivity per day. Because clear, concise communication sets the stage for safety & productivity, Light Communication Systems can have an immediate positive impact at your loading dock!

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15460-PodcastBanner_1400x1400_Socialv2We've gathered our industry experts to bring you the latest information on all things material handling! From safety and security at the loading dock to energy savings and environmental control inside your facility, and everything in between, we cover it all! Each episode, released monthly, is loaded with helpful industry information.


Episode 1 - Challenges Facing Industrial Facility Managers:

• Everyday challenges faced by facility managers

• Common issues addressed by people in the industry

• Industrial facility trends and questions that come up

• The Rite-Hite Fly-In program experience

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Episode 2 - Bringing Safety to Every Dock:

• Dangers at the dock and innovative safety solutions

• Dock safety strategy and sequence of operations

• Light communication policies

• Advice for facility managers starting from the ground up

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