Food Safety Risks at the Loading Dock

Learn more about points of vulnerability at your loading docks and what you can do to help increase safety and security in the supply chain.
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Food Safety Risks at the Loading Dock

How to address food safety at the loading dock
Learn more about points of vulnerability at your loading docks and what you can do to help increase safety and security in the supply chain.

Involved in the food supply chain industry? Your reputation could be on the line.

There are a wide variety of businesses involved in bringing food to the marketplace. When you break down the food supply chain it’s easy to see that a large portion of America’s food is shipped and delivered through loading docks at every level of manufacturing, processing, and distribution. Throughout this process there are a host of potential threats that need to be addressed.
Many best-in-class distributors are taking measures to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), a law designed to enhance the security of America's food supply chain. They are developing and implementing standard operating procedures that address food safety risks at each step of the supply chain.

Learn more about points of vulnerability at your loading docks and what you can do to help increase safety and security in the supply chain.

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