A Walk through the Curtain Wall Installation Process

Read a detailed take on what happens throughout the installation process.

A Walk through the Curtain Wall Installation Process

Installing industrial curtain walls is an easy process (one advantage to using curtain walls). Regardless of the building structure where the curtain walls are to be installed - exposed bar joists, steel buildings, concrete TT (twin T's), or wood beams the installation process follows the same six steps.

Step 1: Identify exactly where the wall is wanted.

Step 2: Secure mounting angle to facility, making sure no fasteners penetrate the roof decking.

Step 3: Place 5'' wide curtain wall panels against mounting angle. Then, extend the curtain top into the deck fluting, creating continuous contact to minimize any potential for air exchange. With the curtain wall panel in place, secure the panel to the mounting angle with self-tapping fasteners and fender washers.

Step 4: Continue installing panels until final one is secured to terminating wall.

Step 5: Trim bottom sweep to floor elevation.

Step 6: If a door pass through is required, the door can be installed at any time during the life of the wall. This process involves trimming an opening in the curtain wall and then installing a door frame where the doorway is needed. Once the trimmed curtain wall panels are secured to the door frame, the door can be installed.

One additional note: If the curtain wall is located in an area with positive or negative air pressure fluctuations, the curtain walls can be secured to the floor by utilizing either anchor straps or mounting angle continuously run along the floor.

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