Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control

Rite-Vu™ Hazard Recognition and Control

The Rite-Vu™ system helps you stay a step ahead of potential hazards at the loading dock with a combination of components that use motion detection, line-of-sight notification, and audible alarms. It provides instant hazard recognition and control to people on and off of forklifts, inside and outside at the loading dock.

The system gives communication to the right person at the right time before a catastrophic trailer separation accident or forklift collision happens. The Rite-Vu consists of four separate products, including: Approach-Vu™, Pedestrian-Vu™,Corner-Vu™, and Leveler-Vu™. Contact a representative to learn more or visit the Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition and Light Communication System page.

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