SplitSecond Clean Room Door

SplitSecond Clean Room Door

Rite-Hite’s SplitSecond™ Clean door opens side-to-side, cutting the travel distance in half, while doubling the speed, with a peak speed of up to 120”/sec (3.05 m/s).  Split-center design for split-second performance.  The idea is simple – more speed, more control over your environment and productivity.  You maximize the flow of activity and minimize the flow of air through the door way.  A quicker, better seal on all four sides of the door.  And since the door opens side-to-side, you minimize overhead contaminants.  A better seal along with a better view.  With the door opening in both directions simultaneously, personnel get immediate full height visibility.

Every feature and system on the SplitSecond Clean is engineered to comply with GMP, FDA and USDA guidelines.


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