SplitSecond Clean

Withstands high-pressure washdown
Removable side frames
Speeds up to 100" per second (2.5 m/sec)


  • SplitSecond Clean is a clean room environment door. This door is ideal for pharmaceutical and other clean industries.
  • Split-center design. Split-second, high speed door performance.
  • SplitSecond is a platform product. It allows for three options of side frame construction.
  • Features a spring tube design to collect the curtain in the side frames and reduce overhead contaminants.
  • FDA and cGMP Compliant and features smooth curtain fabric and stainless steel components for easy wipe down and corrosion resistance.
  • Inherently safer by design with multiple safety features including three sets of reversing thru-beam photo eyes.
  • Quick activation of the SplitSecond Clean is crucial to providing superior levels of environmental control. Laser or infrared door sensors are perfect for pharmaceutical operations. Ask your rep about available sensor options.
  • One of the industry's highest operating speeds for an unmatched peak speed of up to 120" per second (3.05 m/sec).

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