LiteSpeed Clean Room

FDA and cGMP compliant
TRUE Auto Re-feed
Speeds up to 65" per second (1.6 m/sec)


  • Tough PVC vinyl and Urethane curtain – Completely heat sealed. Complies with USDA, FDA & GMP guidelines.
  • Smaller footprint – This is ideal for installation in tight spaces – the compact 403B stainless steel side frames and sloped shrouds give a clean appearance and are easy to wipe down.
  • Wireless Interlocking available - Wirelessly interlock up to (15) Rite-Hite Doors without the expense and hassle of hard wiring.
  • An edge on safety - No hidden metal or plastic support. No buried electrical wiring. 100% fabric for a softer, safer cushion. And a higher degree of protection for product, personnel and equipment.
  • TRUE Auto Re-feed™ – For automatic re-feeds, on the fly, with no human interaction. Impacts won’t impact production.
  • Pair an infrared or laser door sensor with the LiteSpeed Clean Room to maintain the integrity of clean environments. They're accurate and precise to enhance safety, productivity, and cleanliness. Ask your rep about available sensor options.
  • The LiteSpeed® Cleanroom is a fast, roll-up door with speeds up to 65" per second (1.65 m/sec) designed to help keep contaminants from entering clean, interior environments.

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