Opti-Vu Safety Module

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Opti-Vu's® Safety module helps to proactively identify and improve safety behaviors of personnel. The data analytics help inform safety professionals of employee training opportunities, equipment needs and process improvements by monitoring safety-related events at the loading dock, inside the plant and at intersections.












Safety Module Features and Benefits

  • Analytics

    • Study and understand safety challenges, frequency trends and their root causes with Opti-Vu's diagnostic analytics.     

    Safety Assessment Tool

    • Interactive tool that allows Safety Professionals to place a higher priority on specific safety events to focus on improving warehouse safety best practices.

    Congestion Analysis

    • Evaluate intersection trends/unsafe events to help determine directional awareness and increase warehouse pedestrian safety measures

Analysis Manager    

  • Manage prioritized safety-related events established in the Safety Assessment Tool to identify frequency to support behavioral corrective action, with the ability to set 30-day reminders to review results.
  • Proactive Vs. Reactive Approach  

    • Proactively Influence employee behavior by monitoring safety-related events at the loading dock, in-plant and at intersections to identify corrective action. 

    Trend Alerts and Updates    

    • Receive trending safety alerts for immediate/real-time action. 

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