Opti-Vu is an industry leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform that collects data from Rite-Hite® equipment and sensors to help leaders make informed decisions to help improve safety, energy and loading dock productivity and capture those moments they're missing.

 Capture the information you need for current and future data-driven decisions. When Rite-Hite equipment is made smart, the Opti-Vu® IIoT Platform delivers real-time information and historical data from the equipment right to your dashboards. It goes beyond simply sharing data by enabling you to view and track actionable recommendations around the loading dock and in-plant productivity, safety, energy, and asset management.

Smart Equipment Means More Actionable Data

Smart Equipment Means Actionable Data.

Tap into the tremendous data collection capabilities of today’s Rite-Hite equipment in a highly customizable way.

More Than Just Sensors and Data

More Than Just Sensors and Data.

Monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on events that matter most to your facility, your job and your people.

See What You're Missing

See What You’re Missing.

Identify, analyze and eliminate behaviors and processes that may be holding back your operations- including issues you didn’t know existed. 

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Loading Dock Productivity Module

  • Real-time dock status
  • Alerts and trend updates
  • Review robust reporting

Loading Dock and Warehouse Safety Software Module

  • Proactively influence safety behavior
  • Prioritize & improve unsafe events
  • Intersection analytics

Energy Saving Module

  • Access a comprehensive view of energy trends
  • Minimize energy loss & increase efficiencies
  • Break down usage by door with data-driven insights

Facility Asset Management Software Module

  • Plan equipment availability
  • Monitor usage data
  • Evaluate equipment faults

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