Opti-Vu Connected Products

Real-time status
Analyze safe sequence of operations
Improve safety, energy & productivity


Opti-Vu® is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution unique to Rite-Hite® equipment, creating a real-time network of communications for industrial facilities through sensors and smart solutions. A fully integrated Opti-Vu network connects vehicle restraints, audible and visual alarms, dock doors, industrial doors, intersection control systems and more to deliver real-time status to any connected device. Capturing current events as well as historical data, Opti-Vu allows managers to analyze trends and discover efficiencies to improve:

  • Productivity by eliminating bottlenecks and equipment inefficiencies
  • Safety behaviors by proactively identifying training opportunities and near-misses
  • Energy efficiencies to reduce costs associated with energy loss
  • Asset Management by tracking equipment downtime and aging assets

Opti-Vu Optimizes the Following Smart Rite-Hite Equipment

  • Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraints track load activities to help identify unnecessary downtime between events as well as alerting dock attendants which docks are nearing detention and demurrage. 
  • Loading Dock Levelers track inefficiencies and frequent trends to help protect people around the loading dock, and help identify unnecessary downtime between events. 
  • Dok-Guardian Safety Barriers help protect people from the dangerous 4-foot drop off at the loading dock. Paired with Opti-Vu, the safety barrier monitors if equipment is used out of safe sequence of operation and when it is deployed to help establish productivity and safety thresholds during loading/unloading. 
  • Safe-T-Signal tracks traffic patterns and frequently congested areas within a facility to help influence behavioral change, increase safety measures and help reduce accidents related to warehouse traffic safety.
  • Industrial Doors track energy usage and frequent trends like false activations and excessive opens to help improve equipment faults and employee behaviors, determine maintenance needs and reduce energy costs.

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