PitMaster V

Help prevent energy loss
Ideal for vertical dock levelers
Maintain pit cleanliness


  • Facility cleanliness – Helps keep dirt, debris and refuse out of leveler pit; closes gaps around leveler that allow dirt, dust and insects into the building. Improves industrial hygiene and sanitation, and reduces white space to help pass audits and inspections.
  • Energy savings – Seals gaps to help prevent heating or cooling energy from escaping the building through air flow, and reduces heat transfer through steel leveler deck.
  • Simple installation and maintenance – Rite-Hite's innovative SealWheel™ and PitPad™ components work together to provide an effective seal. Each installs easily and can be replaced separately if needed.
  • 12-month money-back guarantee – Built to Rite-Hite's high standards for quality and performance, all PitMaster Under-leveler Seals are backed by a full 12-month, money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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