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Dok-Chat™ Logistics Communication Software

Dok-Chat is a secure, cloud-based logistics communication software with an automated, real-time text messaging system for seamless communication between the logistics office and carriers to help improve shipping and receiving efficiencies. There are no downloading or app requirements to use Dok-Chat, resulting in ease-of-use for carriers.


Communication Made Easy

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Integrate Dok-Chat as a feature of Dok-Vu® for access to a robust platform with the tools needed to effectively manage the flow of traffic for manufacturing and distribution sites.

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Communication Made Easy

Simplify your interactions and get carriers back on the road quicker with Dok-Chat's 2-way messaging for carrier check-in, dock assignment, carrier instructions and load status.

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Dok-Chat Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Interactions

    • Carriers can opt in and receive real-time communication from the shipping and receiving office on dock assignment and load complete.

    Automated and Real-Time Messaging

    • Customized and automated messages prompting logistics personnel to enter information before communicating in real-time with carriers. 


    • Cloud-based with no downloading or app requirements. Within a few texts, carriers can opt in and receive real-time communication from the shipping and receiving office.


  • Logistic personnel have the ability to chat with multiple carriers without giving away a personal phone number.
  • Contactless

    • Simplified electronic check-in process, eliminating the need to leave the truck cab or shipping office to interact- ideal for social distancing protocols.

    Integrate with Dok-Vu

    • Access to a robust platform with full visibility into the loading dock and yard, while simplifying logistics communication processes with Dok-Chat.


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