AIA Registered Courses offered by

AIA Registered Courses offered by

These AIA-registered courses provide valuable information in a lunch-and-learn format. Schedule them when it’s most convenient for your operations and employees. We offer the following:

Loading Dock Safety*

This one-hour presentation, available at your facility, is conducted by industry experts who take you through the safety issues at your dock and within your plant.

Suggested attendees:

  • Safety committee members - Safety manager.
  • Transportation warehouse manager.
  • Plant manager - Engineers.

Agenda topics:

  • Why is the loading dock a danger zone?
  • How often do accidents occur at a loading dock?
  • The costs of a dangerous dock.
  • Loading dock equipment safety.
  • How safe is your dock?

Loading Dock Design*

This course covers issues related to dock design including: safety, dock heights, door sizes, leveler size, capacity, type, grade, seals and shelters, restraints, lighting, and more. The Rite-Hite Loading Dock Design presentation can be conducted at your facility by our industry experts, and it usually lasts one hour.

Agenda topics:

  • Trends affecting loading dock design
  • Types of trailers typically received at your dock
  • How the type of material handling equipment you use can affect loading dock equipment selection
  • Load configurations.

Dock layout considerations:

  • Dock dimensions including dock height
  • Dock leveler length, width, capacity.
  • Loading dock door spacing and door size considerations.
  • Traffic flow and designing the drive approach
  • Material handling equipment limitations.
  • Matching material handling equipment to industry or application.

Safety issues at the dock:

  • Why the loading dock is a danger.
  • Causes of loading dock accidents.
  • Trailer separation
  • Vacant loading docks.
  • Void-in-the-floor.

Innovative solutions and products:

  • Specifying the right equipment to meet your client's needs.
  • Available equipment features.
  • Dock levelers
  • Vehicle restraints
  • Industrial doors
  • Aftermarket parts and products.

HVLS Ceiling Fans*

This course provides an introduction to high volume, low speed (HVLS) industrial fans. It includes the various benefits, including reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and decreased moisture levels.

The Rite-Hite Fly-In Program*

The Rite-Hite Fly-In Program is centered around you. It’s a one of a kind, custom-designed program that takes place at the Rite-Hite corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. The Fly-In focuses on providing education, consultation, solutions, and expertise.

  • Expert dock and facility design analysis and recommendations.
  • Professional equipment needs assessment and evaluation.
  • Education on multiple alternatives for your applications.
  • Hands on equipment demonstrations.
  • Discuss current issues and upcoming changes that affect your business.
  • Get to know your Rite-Hite Representative and the service they provide.
  • Experience the Rite-Hite commitment to quality and innovation.

Typical itinerary:

  • Rite-Hite product showroom workshops.
  • Product demonstrations in a real-life setting at the Rite-Hite Technical Training Center.
  • Q&A with experts.

Milwaukee & Wisconsin event options.

“Your program was presented in a way that brings out real life situations that we deal with daily. Your concern to get these issues out and present solutions was very impressive.” – Project Coordinator, engineering company

An Architects Guide to Doors in Industry*

This course is conducted by industry experts who take you through the safety issues and range of solutions with high-speed, high performance doors. From cold storage, cooler and freezer doors to clean room and pharmaceutical doors, your choices are endless. Learn the roles of high-performance doors in various industries as well as an overview of current building codes, standards and door design tips.

*Rite-Hite is registered with the AIA Continuing Education System (AIA/CES). This one-hour program offers (1) learning unit, which will be reported directly to the AIA/CES for AIA members.

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