Rite-Hite Fans is the first choice in agricultural fans.

Our high volume, low speed (HVLS) ceiling fan is designed to circulate the air in your agricultural facility more efficiently and effectively. Rotating at an optimized low speed, a Rite-Hite HVLS agricultural ceiling fan moves the most air over the largest area at the lowest cost. This allows for maximum cooling and "destratification" (the process of keeping the temperature consistent from floor to ceiling), reducing the facility’s energy consumption by up to thirty percent.

Generate big savings in big spaces.

A Rite-Hite HVLS Fan is an ideal barn ceiling fan because it moves air up to 85 feet (26.0 m) in all directions from the center of the fan. This large diameter of movement lowers energy costs and increases comfort in any large, agricultural facility. It also runs quieter than a high-speed fan, reduces condensation on floors and products, and improves overall indoor air quality of your agricultural building, whether it be a barn, stable, or greenhouse.

Cooling sensation: increase productivity and health.

  • Lower the effective temperature in your agricultural facility by 7° F (4° C) or more.
  • Helps reduce heat stress in dairy cows
  • Helps improve the quality of milk by increasing fat and protein content
  • Helps reduce the demand for drinking water
  • Helps lower the risks of Ruminal Acidosis, udder inflammation, and hoof problems

Save space and energy.

  • Creates more airflow throughout your agricultural facility than any other fan
  • Costs just pennies an hour to operate
  • By switching from high-speed fans to a Rite-Hite barn ceiling fan, you can replace up to 20 floor or wall mounted fans in your agricultural facility.

Rite-Hite’s Revolution fan is the perfect ceiling fan for agricultural environments.

  • Helps reduce condensation on floors
  • Helps dry manure in a barn
  • Helps eliminate smells and excessive moisture in stagnant areas of the agricultural facility

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