Dok-Commander System

Dok-Commander System

The Dok-Commander® system integrates multiple loading dock control components at each dock position for a total dock safety system.

Dok-Commander Features and Benefits for Better Dock Management

  • Improves productivity and total dock safety with interlock options that ensure equipment is used in the proper sequence and to achieve its full capabilities.
  • Further increase productivity with Lok-Vu™: an outside camera view is displayed inside on the Dok-Commander control box helping you confirm – without stepping outside – when a trailer is present and secured, or when challenges arise.
  • Easy to operate centralized panel includes the controls of multiple devices.
  • Lower electrical installation costs by powering each dock position from a single branch circuit.
  • Clean and simple wall configuration, since each Dok-Commander box eliminates the need for multiple control boxes, and its narrow size allows for tight door centerlines.
  • Enhances safety during maintenance with a single optional lock-out/ tag-out provision.

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