Defender™ Automated Machine Guarding Door

Defender™ Automated Machine Guarding Door

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Rite-Hite Machine Guarding introduces the Defender™ , the industry's most effective machine guarding product yet. Designed with the latest regulations and most demanding manufacturing process in mind, the Defender is the ideal machinery guard for safeguarding equipment in many manufacturing environments. Anywhere that a machine operator interfaces with a machine, robot or process is an ideal application for the Defender.

Visibly safer than light curtains, the Defender automation machine guarding system combines safety interlock switches/controls capable of achieving up to PLe, Category 4 level safety with a movable physical barrier restricting access to dangerous machine movement while at the same time containing process driving hazards such as weld flash/sparks, flying debris, mist, spray and other containment and exposures.


  • Visibly safer than light curtains.
  • GUARDS your machinery and PROTECTS your employees.
  • CONTAINS application driven hazards including weld flash/sparks/smoke, mist, flying debris and other exposure.
  • Reduces footprint of manufacturing cell by locating closer to hazard.
  • Increases Productivity! Door provides clear visual that operator should be on task.
  • Proven, Safe, Reliable Design.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protects operators from application driven hazards while restricting access from machine/robot operation both physically and electronically with optional safety rated switches and controls.
  • Switches/controls capable of reaching Cat 4 (per 954-1), PLe (per ENISO 13489-1) and/or SIL 3 (per EN62061) when integrated properly.
  • Armorplex™ Curtain Material: Durable, Resilient 40oz flame resistant (NFPA 701) high tensile ASTM tested black curtain material. 
  • Multiple motor positions to best fit your application.
  • See safety distance formula information here. EN ISO 13857 Safety of machinery - Safe distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper/lower limbs and EN ISO 13855 Safety of machinery - Position of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the body.
  • Rugged Construction.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 Specifications.
  • Easy Installation with Minimal Components.
  • Optional control boxes include: Full Open-Close-Stop Push Button Relay Control Box. Patented i-COMM™ Digital Communication Control Box and Plug-N-Play Integrator Control Box.
  • Limited one year warranty SOP.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 Specifications.
  • Custom Manufactured to exact size requirements.
  • HD Motor/Brake/Gear box suited for millions of cycles.
  • Optional STOPPING photo-eye strip.
  • Soft Bottom Edge - Gravity down operation.
  • Patented Switch design integrated into curtain guide.
  • Automated to the process to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Fully Sealed Barrier Tabs prevent access to hazard and act as barrier with 450# tear out strength.

Technical Information:

MODEL NUMBER: Defender™ Automated Barrier Door

SIZE:  Max 16’ x 16’ (4876 mm x 4876 mm)  Minimum 2’ x 3’ (609 mm x 914 mm).  
If larger sizes are required please contact Rite-Hite Machine Guarding
STANDARD SPEED:  Up to 60” per second (1.5 m/sec) operation.  
Alternate fixed speeds available upon request
VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS: Greater control of speed, smoother operation,  and shorter cycle times. Multiple speed open and close rates
CURTAIN MATERIAL: Armorplex™ 40 Oz. Vinyl coated polyester flame resistant  (NFPA 701 Small Scale) high tensile ASTM tested black curtain material  18” x 18” (5486 mm x 5486 mm) PVC framed window in multiple color availability.  
CURTAIN RETENTION: Fully Sealed UHMW Barrier Tabs™
ROTARY CAM LIMIT SWITCH CHARACTERISTICS: 25:1 ratio. W/ Auxiliary N.O. Contacts for door position notification.
ROLLER TUBE: 4” (101 mm) OD 11 Gauge roller tube
SAFETY SWITCH SPECS: 8 Switch types to choose from with 3 mounting location options. Capable of achieving up to  Cat 4  per EN 954-1, PL e Per EN ISO 13849-1, SIL 3 per EN 62061
GUIDE/SUPPORT: All steel 3/16” (4 mm) wall construction 3” x 2¾" (76 mm x 69 mm) with optional 1¾ (44 mm), 11 Gauge box frame Heavy Duty mounting rail for added rigidity. Welded ½" (12 mm) thick 8“x 8” (203 mm x 203 mm) base plate with multiple guide location configurations.  
HEADER ASSEMBLY DETAILS: Fully shrouded 1 ¼” (31 mm) tubular steel ladder style design with curtain pre-rolled on 4” (101 mm) OD 11 Gauge roller tube
MOTOR: 1 HP Nord Motor Assembly with 20 N*m Precima brake with lockable hand release lever and corrosion protection, TEFC 208, 230, 400 (50 Hz)  460 and 575 V 60 Hz. IP 55 Enclosure rating, UL and CSA listed.  NEMA 56C output. Multiple motor locations and orientations.  
GEAR BOX: Worm Gear reducer 10:1 ratio.  Optional helical inline drive.
ENCODER Specifications: Magnetic absolute multi-turn, 4096 PPR with 8192 turns.
I-COMM Specifications: Controls operation of door and communicates with VFD and Encoder for more precise control.  Microprocessor, control configurable inputs and outputs, menu driven with LCD display.
CYCLES: Continuous Duty design for millions of cycles
SPEED: 40” per second (1016 mm) standard speed.  
RELAY CONTROL BOX: Control boxes include: Full Open-Close-Stop Push Button Relay Control Box. Patented i-COMM™ Digital Communication Control Box and Plug-N-Play Integrator Control Box.
CURTAIN RETENTION: 450 lbs. tear-out force
PHOTO EYE STRIP: 1020 mm active height with 92mm channel spacing with advance automatic signal tracking ensures easy onsite set-up. Transmitter and receiver detectors are optically synchronized. May be wired control reliable with Feature Rich Controls.  STOP the door only, will not Reverse.
SAFETY FEATURES: Soft Bottom Edge (SBE) technology protects personnel and property, Gravity fed down operation - not powered down
WARRANTY: Limited 1-year parts

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