Corner-Vu provides immediate Dok-Lok status with light communication to the forklift operator before entering the trailer.

Features and Benefits

  • Corner-Vu lights are located on the upper corners of the interior dock door.
  • Exclusive light communication system provides clear, line-of-sight Dok-Lok status without any obstructions in the forklift driver's view.
  • Reduces forklift accidents by enhancing visual communication of the Dok-Lok control box.
  • Mirrors status of the inside light on the Dok-Lok control box - green light means the trailer is safely secured to the loading dock with a Dok-Lok restraint. Red light indicates the trailer is not secured and it is unsafe to enter.
  • Virtual filament technology reduces light pollution and allows for directional light.
  • Energy savings - one dual color, low voltage 12VDC LED light per light emitting fixture.
  • Reference point for the overhead door opening.
  • Standard on Dok-Lok restraints.
  • When ordered with a Dok-Lok vehicle restraint, the Rite-Vu product warranty will follow the corresponding Dok-Lok warranty. If not ordered with a Dok-Lok, one-year parts and labor.

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