SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls

SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls

Trust Zoneworks® Acoustic Curtain Walls to partition off separate sound zones anywhere, protecting employee hearing, and enhancing worker comfort. Our modular, flexible sound-dampening panels are layered with sound-absorbing materials that can reduce noise levels by 22-25 dBs, depending on existing frequency levels.

SZ Acoustic Curtain Walls work to:

  • Reduce excessive noise levels.
  • Enclose or isolate noisy equipment or operations.
  • Isolate areas for sound control.
  • Protect employee comfort and productivity.

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Acoustic Curtain Wall Construction

SZ walls can be configured to match any need, from single-machine isolation to full-room division, with full-panel sliding or stationary mounting.

Industrial soundproofing curtains will normally consist of two layers of a woven, coated fabric surrounding one or more layers of various insulating materials. The interior core of a typical noise control curtain will consist of a layer of sound dampening, loaded vinyl and a layer of antimicrobial polyester batting as an additional sound buffer.

There are two types of acoustic curtain walls available:

SZ: Higher and lower frequency sounds

Sound Transmission Class (STC): 23. Reduce noise from grinders, shredders, large industrial machines and equipment.

SZ2: Mid-range frequency sounds

Sound Transmission Class (STC): 16. Dampen ambient sound from lift traffic, light machinery noise, voices, office equipment, etc.

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