Optimize Traffic Flow in the Industrial Facility

Optimize Traffic Flow in the Industrial Facility

Many industries with an intense traffic flow require short door passage times and thereby fast, safe, and reliable doors. Short opening and closing times also reduce cooling loss, avoid airflow issues and enable a smooth operating procedure while ensuring easy flow of forklift and pedestrian traffic. 

Rite-Hite high-speed doors offer different options for access and automation that can optimize the workflow and satisfy virtually any interior, exterior, high-wind, clean, cooler or freezer high-cycle application need.

The faster the door moves, the greater protection it provides against ambient contaminants and the more money it saves by preventing cold and warm air transfer. The FasTrax is the fastest, smartest, most reliable and productive door on the market. In the event of an impact, a unique re-feed system automatically guides the curtain back into the track, quickly and easily, as the door is raised,  fixing the door on the fly to keep your door closed and downtime to a minimum.

When immediate, full-height, top-to-bottom visibility, speed, and material access are required, the SplitSecond* Side-Acting High Speed-High Performance door is your best choice. A Rite-Hite representative is equipped to do a complete door analysis in any facility, offering a variety of door solutions that can contribute to improved traffic flow and help minimize energy transfer.

*Not available in all regions. Contact your Rep for more information.

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