When establishing a positive dining experience, it’s important to think beyond just the food. Yes, the food is what most patrons came for, but if the customers aren’t in a comfortable setting, it won’t matter how good the food is. Because heating and cooling these spaces evenly can be difficult, patrons often complain about temperature variance to managers and staff. This can result in a dining experience that’s unpleasant and possibly prevent a future visit.

The good news is: there’s hope. Utilizing Rite-Hite’s commercial direct drive ceiling fans for restaurants can make this important factor a non-issue. Our direct drive fans are nearly silent and since they operate without the use of oil. These fans can be used all over a restaurant whether it is in the main dining area or in the kitchen. Our HVLS fans can benefit everyone in the building – patrons and employees alike.

Serving up comfort

Keep it even

HVLS commercial ceiling fans for restaurants efficiently distribute temperatures more evenly than standard fans, reducing hot and cold spots while lowering costs at the same time.

Create a focal point

The attractive design of our Revolution 25 Series fan, create a dramatic visual statement whether the restaurant has an industrial look or a log-cabin feel.

Destratify the air

Rite-Hite commercial ceiling fans can run in reverse to keep the area “destratified” while maintaining a nearly noise-free environment - meaning your guests can have a pleasant conversation while they eat.

Supplement A/C

When your restaurant space is being used for dual purposes like a wedding, concert, or large meeting, HVLS fans can supplement the air conditioning system to make the restaurant or banquet hall more comfortable.

Keep walking surfaces dry

When humidity is high moisture can accumulate on hard-surfaced floors making them slippery – this is a dangerous situation for both servers and patrons. Circulating the air helps keep these surfaces dry and safe for everyone.

Efficient and inviting

HVLS fans operate silently for just pennies an hour. They make the space more comfortable, encouraging patrons to spend more time and visit more often.

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