Seal All Sides of the Loading Dock Opening

Seal All Sides of the Loading Dock Opening

Keeping the great outdoors - outdoors. It’s a challenge with every loading dock opening in almost any climate. Poorly sealed openings at the dock are perfect passageways for energy losses. The gaps at the top and sides of trailers combined are significant enough to easily allow unwanted air to flow in and conditioned air to flow out. On top of this, most facilities do not consider sealing the underside of the dock opening which only adds to the loss.

Small gaps add up. And while energy loss is a big concern, so is contamination, product damage, safety hazards, quality inspection issues and employee comfort. All the places where daylight shows through combine to leave a hole (or many holes if you have more than one dock position) in the side of your building.

The Rite Solution. A system of Rite-Hite sealing products both outside and inside the building are required to work together to provide an effective seal on all four sides of the door openings, 24/7, whether trailers are present or not. Add our vertical storing leveler that allows dock doors to be closed directly on the pit floor, and you’ve got the perfect seal. Our aftermarket loading dock leveler weatherseals will close the gaps and further help reduce heating and cooling costs. In many cases, these weatherseals will pay for themselves in four months or less.

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