Uni-Dox™ Inflatable

Uni-Dox™ Inflatable

Uni-Dox Inflatable Shelters provide the most versatile seal available to service the widest variety of truck and trailer configurations. The head and side bags inflate around the top and sides of the truck after it is backed into place. When not in use, the air bags deflate and retract behind the protective storage curtains. (Manual activation required.)


  • Fast, reliable inflation - Advanced air bag and connector designs reduce bypass so more air stays in the bag while inflating, resulting in faster inflation than other inflatable shelters. Head bag and side bags quickly move into place upon activation, to tightly seal tops and sides of trailers of variable heights and widths.
  • Efficient deflation and retraction - Simple counterweight retraction system reduces drag, providing quicker deflation. No motorized return of deflated head bag results in improved reliability.
  • Easy installation - Welded steel frame construction is lighter and stronger than other inflatable shelters, potentially reducing installation time.
  • Advanced draft pad design - Conforming, non-inflatable draft pads reduce risk of damage and leaks, improving effectiveness and reliability of overall seal.
  • Available PitMaster™ seal - Gaps large and small beneath and around the dock leveler and bumpers are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing substantial energy savings, improving cleanliness and sanitation.

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