Loading Dock Safety and Security Solutions

What makes loading docks dangerous? This fast paced environment sees a lot of movement inside with people and equipment, such as forklifts, and outside with trucks and trailers arriving and departing outside. Workers potentially cross the edge of a dock more than 100,000 times per year in an average facility leaving them susceptible to risk and injury, something we call Dock Shock. Risk also comes into play when a truck is left unsecured during loading and unloading, introducing a multitude of trailer separation accidents at the dock. And, without proper communication between forklift and truck drivers, naturally the risk of accidents increases.

When a truck is not present at the loading dock, there is a 4 foot or higher drop-off to contend with. And, if a dock door is left open for ventilation or other reasons, this drop-off now becomes an even greater hazard. Pedestrian safety in the loading dock area is a concern that chains or cones do not effectively address.

Loading dock security is a consideration in maintaining supply chain security and integrity. Unsecured trucks are susceptible to trailer theft, and opening trailer doors in the approach instead of inside the facility invites contamination and security concerns as well.

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