Insulated Door Blankets

Insulated Door Blankets

Zoneworks® Insulated Door Blankets provide a quick and affordable way to control the temperature around door openings in a variety of situations.

  • Temporary Industrial Door Replacement - Maintain temperature and protect product from spoilage or irreparable damage when powered doors on coolers or freezers are out of service.
    - Preserve cooler/freezer integrity until the door issue is resolved.
    - Integrate into emergency contingency plans for power outages, storm damage and forklift damage.
  • Steel Door Heat Containment - Cover interior surfaces of steel exterior doors to prevent the spread of heat to interior environments.
    - Protect employee comfort and safety.
    - Maintain the integrity of interior environmental conditions.

Insulated Door Blankets Construction

Door Blankets are constructed of durable industrial fabric surrounding layers of recyclable, anti-microbial polyester batting. Blankets are custom-designed to fit each door opening and come in convenient, portable bags for simple storage and deployment.

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