GateKeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate

GateKeeper Mezzanine Safety Gate

Mezzanine and Elevated  Platform Barriers

As companies look to maximize existing space within their facilities, many are turning to mezzanines, elevated work platforms, or multi-level racking systems to create additional storage space or work areas for employees.

These multi-level work environments allow companies to expand usable floor space above existing operations. In many cases, expanding "up" is less costly and time-consuming than expanding "out," which usually means adding onto existing space, leasing new space or constructing a new facility.

Mezzanine perimeters need to be protected with a guardrail or other fall protection system if the elevated level is more than 4' above the lower level. Pallet drop areas also need protection; even when a forklift is transferring materials. The GateKeeper® Safety Gate incorporates a dual-reciprocating gate to provide full-time protection at a pallet drop or material transfer area.  

Safety Gate Features

  • Exclusive Saf-T-Latch prevents workers from raising the gate from inside the work zone, helping prevent an employee from falling from the mezzanine while working the load
  • Unique link bar design ensures that both gates work in unison
  • Toeboard prevents material from accidentally being pushed from an elevated space to a lower level and injuring anyone passing below.
  • Steel side frames provide built-in track protection
  • Available in manual and automatic designs
  • 3" (75 mm) track and nylon rollers provide for smooth operation

Meets applicable OSHA, ANSI, and IBC standards

    • Growing up instead of out allows you to get the most out of your space. Unfortunately, while mezzanines increase warehouse space efficiency, they also increase the risk of injury to employees who work on or in the immediate area.  Safety regulations are in place to mitigate the inherent risks workers face in a warehouse or other industrial facility.
    • OSHA standard 1910.28(b)(1) requires that employers must provide fall protection for personnel on walking-working surfaces 4'0" (1200 mm)
      or more above the lower level. 
    • OSHA standard 1910.29(k)(1) requires that employers must ensure toeboards are used on overhead walking-working surface to protect object from falling and injuring employees below.
    • The ANSI 2009 standard section 6.4.3 published by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Associations reads "any gate that provides an access opening through the guards for the purpose of loading and unloading material onto a work platform shall be designed such that the elevated surface is protected by guards at all times. Gates that swing open, slide open, or lift out leaving an unprotected opening in the guarding are not acceptable."


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