Environmental Control Solutions

In an industrial setting, environmental variables challenge the ability to effectively, efficiently, and safely perform the daily work of the facility. Finding the best method to separate environments and/or control the environmental conditions of a plant is a big task. There are many zones or areas of a facility where environmental concerns and challenges can crop up.

Ineffective sealing at the loading dock is bad news for a business. This situation opens a company up to energy loss, quality inspection issues, contamination concerns, product damage, safety hazards, and diminished employee comfort. And with the wide variety of trailer sizes (especially when it comes to height) as well as trailer configurations, there is not always a straight forward answer. Working toward getting a complete seal at the loading dock is a good goal to have.

Beyond the loading dock and inside the plant there are often needs to separate work zones, cold storage areas, clean environments, and so on. All of these situations have specific requirements, standards, and products that if assessed and used correctly can result in improved efficiency, safety and/or energy savings.

Consider what the impact of creating an environment that keeps people cooler in summer and warmer in winter could mean to a company. Accomplishing this all while reducing energy consumption and costs could be a significant step forward for a company. The engineering behind air movement in large spaces is an important consideration in today’s green society.

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