Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveler Lip Upgrade

Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveler Lip Upgrade

Barrier Lip Levelers Help Provide Protection Against Costly Falls From Open Loading Docks

According to the National Institute of Standard and Technology, nearly 7% of all forklift accidents are a result of driving off the edge of the loading dock.

Metal and plastic chains provide a false sense of security. They aren’t effective for pedestrian safety and especially lack the power as hand truck or forklift barriers. Afterall, forklifts often weigh more than three automobiles combined. Even a closed overhead door is no match for the impact of a forklift’s size and weight.

Barrier lip leveler upgrades help equip your dock leveler with protection from vacant dock drop-off, while still having the access needed for trailer end loading and unloading.

Automatic Safety- Dock leveler lip automatically transforms into a vacant drop-off safety barrier when the dock leveler has completed the loading and unloading operation by sliding into the stored position.

Superior Structural Integrity – Uniquely engineered to withstand the impact of a 10,000 lb. forklift traveling at 4 mph without damage to the barrier lip or leveler.

Unapparelled Access- Provides the first in industry slotted-lip design that stores the lip fully out of the way for complete end load access.

See Rite-Hite's Slotted-Lip Design in Action

Fixed-Lip or Folding Lip designs block access to end load pallets (last on, first off) unless the leveler is stored below dock height. This practice positions the leveler at a severe declined angle, which can stress both the dock leveler and the material handling equipment.

See How Fixed-Lip Design Prevents End Load Access

Increased Efficiency- Combined with Infinite Lip Control, operators can place the leveler in the end load position in a fraction of the time.

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