Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Maintaining proper air temperature and air quality are unique challenges for warehouses and distribution centers. However, strategically moving the air can solve these problems. Rite-Hite’s High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are designed with your particular challenges in mind. Whether you have a small warehouse or massive logistic centers, Rite-Hite’s engineers can design a layout for your warehouse ceiling fans that will work for you. Our HVLS Fans with direct drive motors are ideal for environments that are sensitive to sound or the introduction of any oil.

Our fans quietly and efficiently move massive amounts of air throughout your warehouse.

Common Air-Related Challenges in Warehouses:

  • Pockets of trapped air and uneven air temperatures: Your HVAC system works really hard to maintain temperatures at the level of your thermostat. A large ceiling fan will circulate the trapped hot air from the ceiling with the cooler temperatures at the floor level.
  • Sick Building Syndrome: Poor air quality in your warehouse leads to unhealthy employees, reduced moral and decreased productivity. HVLS fans will increase the air movement and help dissipate moisture and disperse concentrations of airborne contaminants including chemical fumes, pollens, bio-aerosols, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Moisture and Condensation: The phenomenon known as Sweating Slab Syndrome occurs when moisture collects on concrete surfaces. This creates dangerous slipping hazards for your employees and may compromise fork truck braking and turning abilities. Condensation can also damage inventory, packaging and racking structures. These dangerous situations can be reduced with the movement of air created by an HVLS fan.
  • Birds in your facility: The continual movement of the fan blades will also discourage birds from entering and staying in your warehouse.

Benefits of Using an HVLS Fan in Your Warehouse

  • Improve Comfort: Rite-Hite fans are proven to adjust the floor temperature by up to 30 degrees F (16 degrees C). This is a result of destratification which happens when the fan pulls the hot air from the ceiling and creates a homogenous temperature throughout; eliminating cold zones and hot zones.
  • Improve Productivity: A comfortable temperature for employees will improve morale and productivity. 
  • Reduce Energy Costs: Rite-Hite fans are cost-effective and are proven to lower your energy costs by up to 30%. 

Rite-Hite Fans for Warehouses

  • Revolution: This is our flagship HVLS fan and is available in blade diameters up to 24 feet (7125mm), making it an ideal fit for warehouses of any size.
  • Revolution 75 Series and 150 Series: Our largest HVLS Fans with all the benefits of a direct drive motor.
Rite-Hite continues to be an industry leader in providing premium warehouse fan applications to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce energy costs at your facility.

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