BZH Blast Freezer Curtain Walls

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BZH Blast Freezer Curtain Walls

Rite-Hite’s BZH Blast Freezer Curtains offer a unique solution for food manufacturers and distributors that need to quickly bring foods to an optimal temperature to maintain their freshness, safety and integrity. The alternative to these relatively lightweight curtains, insulated panel doors, are commonly used to seal blast freezer openings that can be as large as 25’ x 25’. At this size, these doors can become very heavy and hard to open, which can cause people to use dangerous methods to open them.

The Zoneworks® Freezer Curtains solve this problem and offers you the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for heavy and dangerous insulated panel doors.
  • Effectively seal and redirect the chamber’s airflow, increasing efficiency, reducing blast cycle times, and lowering energy consumption.
  • Minimize the buildup of ice on the floor, reducing the chance of employee injuries from slips or falls.
  • Enhance employee efficiency with single-person operation.
  • Save money with a cost-effective design, easy installation and minimal long-term maintenance.

Blast Freezer Curtain Wall Construction

Freezer Curtains are constructed of insulated, sliding panels (number of panels depends on application) nested in a tubular steel frame. Each panel is made of 18-ounce, industrial vinyl fabric surrounding a layer of anti-microbial polyester batting. BZH Walls slide open and closed on a track-and-trolley system and can be operated by a single person. Galvanized vertical control staffs with drop pins and floor sockets add stability for the windy conditions. A flexible bottom sweep seals against the floor to minimize energy loss and to help maintain desired conditions.

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