Mechanical Leveler

Mechanical Leveler

Mechanical dock levelers are an economical and reliable solution for basic applications.

Operation begins when a dock attendant manually pulls the release-chain lifting the leveler from the stored position. Next, the platform – which is equipped with an ergonomic system that delivers a smooth, consistent experience – is walked down onto the trailer bed.

A 9-tooth pawl and ratchet hold-down design keeps the leveler from lifting out of position during operation. It provides more surface engagement than alternatives with fewer teeth, or break-band systems, both of which can lead to hold-down engagement and mechanical issues. In the case of vertical trailer movement the leveler will float with the trailer bed as it moves below and above dock height without compromising engagement.

Should the leveler platform begin to drop unexpectedly mechanical safety legs can help stop that rapid free-fall. And if you need access to truck beds that are below dock height the safety legs can be retracted with the pull of a chain while the leveler is being positioned.

RHM Mechanical Dock Leveler Features and Benefits

  • Reduce repair time and cost while keeping personnel safe
  • Dependable lip extension helps prevent the leveler lip from taking a nose dive into the bed of the trailer while it’s being positioned or stored. This also eliminates a pitched-lip scenario and the temptation to force it down.
  • A yieldable lip helps prevent potential damage from backing trailers if the leveler isn’t stored properly. 
  • Smooth Transition Dok System® includes constant-radius rear hinge, two-point crown control on the front lip hinge, and an extended lip chamfer help provide the smoothest transitions for your operators, forklifts and products as they move in and out of a trailer.

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