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PitMaster is the industry's best-selling seal to complete the job of the loading dock seal or shelter by simply and effectively sealing the 4th side of the dock opening.

With a variety of optional components, PitMaster can dramatically improve:

  • Facility cleanliness – Helps keep dirt, debris and refuse out of leveler pit; closes gaps around leveler that allow dirt, dust and insects into the building. Improves industrial hygiene and sanitation, and reduces white space to help pass AIB inspections.
  • Energy savings – Seals gaps to prevent heating or cooling energy from escaping the building through air flow, and reduces heat transfer through steel leveler deck. Can save up to $1,000 per year per dock position in total energy savings, depending on climate. Refer to table below to see typical annual energy savings by location.
  • Simple installation and maintenance – "One-size-fits-all" design installs easily on all Rite-Hite and Genisys levelers, and on many other leveler makes and models as well. Quick-disconnect feature allows main sealing curtain to be released for access to the leveler pit. PitMaster sealing components require no regular maintenance of their own.
  • 12-month money-back guarantee – Built to Rite-Hite's high standards for quality and performance, all PitMaster Under-leveler Seals are backed by a full 12-month, money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction.
Location Energy Savings* Energy Situation
Minneapolis, MN $904 Heating 
Milwaukee, WI $803 Heating 
Chicago, IL $604 Heating 
Denver, CO $534 Heating 
Trenton, NJ $359 Heating 
Cincinnati, OH $344 Heating 
Nashville, TN $272 Heating and air conditioning
Dallas, TX $237 Heating and air conditioning
Los Angeles, CA $512 Freezer dock

*Typical annual energy savings possible per dock position with PitMaster seal and optional Lip corner seals.

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