PitMaster™ II

PitMaster™ II

PitMaster™ II under-leveler sealing system completes the job of the loading dock seal or shelter, by simply and effectively sealing the 4th side of the dock opening. With over 40,000 PitMaster seals in use at docks everywhere, the newly improved PitMaster II system features state-of-the-art design and materials to complement a wider array of dock leveler types and enhance performance all around.

With PitMaster II you can expect:

  • Improved facility cleanliness – Helps keep dirt, debris and refuse out of leveler pit; closes gaps around leveler that allow dirt, dust and insects into the building. Improves industrial hygiene and sanitation, and reduces white space to help pass FSMA quality inspections and audits.
  • Reduced energy loss – Minimizes airflow through openings in the leveler pit, and reduces transfer of heat into or out of your facility through the steel leveler deck. The result: Substantial energy savings 24 hours a day, whether or not a trailer is parked at the dock. Can save up to $1,000 per year per dock position in total energy savings, depending on climate.
  • Simple installation and maintenance – PitMaster curtain travels with leveler movement, storing neatly in pit when not in use. Curtain detaches easily for leveler maintenance or pit cleaning. PitMaster II sealing components are protected from trailer impact and require no regular maintenance.
  • Elimination of large gaps and small – System includes main sealing curtain, side seals (for gaps between leveler toe guards and pit wall), filler panels (for gaps at in leveler frame), and filler loops (for sealing small gaps around obstructions.) Optional lip corner seals available for sealing leveler corner gaps.
Location Energy Savings* Energy Situation
Minneapolis, MN $904 Heating 
Milwaukee, WI $803 Heating 
Chicago, IL $604 Heating 
Denver, CO $534 Heating 
Trenton, NJ $359 Heating 
Cincinnati, OH $344 Heating 
Nashville, TN $272 Heating and air conditioning
Dallas, TX $237 Heating and air conditioning
Los Angeles, CA $512 Freezer dock

*Typical annual energy savings possible per dock position with PitMaster seal and optional Lip corner seals.

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