Cold Storage and Temperature Controlled Environments

Cold Storage and Temperature Controlled Environments

Inefficient freezer openings are way more costly than people think. Frost collecting on freezer doors and the use of heated air curtains or heat lamps to keep them clean wastes a lot of energy. Add to this slow moving and inadequately insulated doors and you’re facing substantial energy losses and even productivity, per opening.

Keeping the cold side cold and the warm side warm is a constant challenge. Not only does energy consumption come into play, but consider the time spent addressing the problems of frosted door openings, the hazards of wet concrete or surfaces, and the potential for product damage or spoilage. Much effort goes into these issues, that could be minimized with a high speed insulated door or curtain wall.

The Rite Solution. We’ve answered the challenge with the best range of energy efficient doors available. Our exclusive Thermal AirTM System, and high speed operation and performance give you the most energy-efficient way to handle your toughest cooler and freezer applications. And with the right equipment upgrades, savings can add up to $18,000 per opening, annually.

If your situation calls for a large area to be enclosed, insulated curtain walls provide you with an adaptable way to contain heat or separate and partition off temperature-controlled areas. They are easy to fit, install, and reconfigure to match your changing facility use or operational needs.

Cold Storage Essential Guide

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