Conventional methods for pouring dock leveler pits can be costly and time consuming. The Dok-Box™ Pit Forming Kit minimizes costs associated with pouring a dock leveler pit. The exclusive Dok-Box design slides and hooks together to easily create the pit you need.


The Dok-Box Leveler Pit Forming Kit is an efficient system for forming dock leveler pits by doubling as a curb angle and a concrete pit form. The proprietary Dok-Box comes complete with front and rear squaring members for efficient, time saving set-up. The Quick-Hook™ Fastening System saves you time and money by sliding together to create the leveler pit that you need.

  • Quickly slides and hooks together on-site without the need for additional hardware.
  • No cutting of wood forms required.
  • Each unit ships complete with front and rear squaring support members and center spacer support.
  • Side and rear curb angles are integral to the panels.
  • Two basic designs: ”new construction“ and ”retro-fit“.


  • 9-gauge (220 mm) steel side and rear panels.
  • 1-1/2" (40 mm) x 9-gauge (220 mm) steel concrete anchors welded at 16" (400 mm) O.C.
  • Tapered design for water run-off.
  • Paint: one coat gray primer.


  • Dock bumper mounting plates 11" (280 mm) wide by 20" (510 mm) or 24" (610 mm) high.
  • Dok-Lok mounting plate 23-1/2" (600 mm) wide by 20" (510 mm) high.

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