SplitSecond Pharmaceutical Door

SplitSecond Pharmaceutical Door

The SplitSecond™ Clean Pharmaceutical bi-parting door facilitates immediate access through door openings and operates at an unprecedented peak speed of 120" per second (3.05 m/sec) to provide a superior level of environmental control and cleanliness in pharmaceutical operations. Additionally, the bi-parting door takes up less wall space and incorporates a host of innovative features designed specifically to increase productivity, improve safety, and ensure a tight door seal.

SplitSecond Features and Benefits

  • SplitSecond Clean is a clean room environment door. This door is ideal for pharmaceutical and other clean industries.
  • Split-center design. Split-second, high speed door performance.
  • SplitSecond is a platform product. It allows for three options of side frame construction.
  • Features a spring tube design to collect the curtain in the side frames and reduce overhead contaminants.
  • FDA and cGMP Compliant and features smooth curtain fabric and stainless steel components for easy wipe down and corrosion resistance.
  • Inherently safer by design with multiple safety features including three sets of reversing thru-beam photo eyes.
  • One of the industry's highest operating speeds for an unmatched peak speed of up to 120" per second (3.05 m/sec).

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