Hydraulic Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveller G 8300

Hydraulic Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveller G 8300

Hydraulic Safe-T-lip dock levellers provide full-time protection against fork-lift trucks falling off a vacant loading dock. The 130 mm high barrier is an integral part of the dock leveller and stops a 45 kN fork-lift truck travelling at 5 km/h. The Safe-T-Lip barrier is positioned automatically when returned to the stored position after completion of the loading and unloading operation. Safety features include the Safe-T-Lip barrier, automatic return to dock position, velocity fuse free-fall protection, full range toeguards with painted yellow/black warning stripes and a maintenance support strut.

G 8300 Features and Benefits

  • Safe-T-Lip barrier (130 mm high) designed to stop a 45 kN fork-lift truck travelling at 5 km/h, automatically positioned after returned to the stored position. Standard length is 450 mm, tapered lip if nominal width is over 2000 mm.
  • Full unobstructed end-load access  - The exclusive retractable lip design allows the barrier to move out of the way so you can handle end loads.
  • Micro-processor controls with return to dock position (option) allows easy adjustment to meet your specific operating requirements, standard equipped with return to dock position to enable safe fork-lift truck cross-traffic.
  • Relay controls - Standard controls without return to dock to position.
  • Durable platform construction - Box construction with welded support beams and anti-slip deck plate (tread plate).
  • Smooth transition - Constant-radius rear hinge, two-point crown control on the front lip hinge, and an extended lip chamfer help provide the smoothest transitions for your operators, forklifts and products as they move in and out of a trailer.
  • Designed to compensate for canted truck beds up to 100 mm and remains flush with the rear of the pit.
  • Reliable hydraulic system - Automatic height adjustment. Two main lifting cylinders with build in velocity fuse (free-fall protection). Power pack is fitted to front of platform for easy maintenance
  • Lip cylinder - The lip is extended with a double acting lip cylinder.
  • Maintenance support strut to support the platform and lip during service and maintenance.
  • Integral toeguard with painted yellow/black warning stripes.

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