Automation on the Loading Dock

Automation throughout manufacturing and shipping facilities continues to be on the rise.  A convenience that was once thought of as only a consumer benefit is now becoming more and more prevalent in the industrial world.  In the areas of safety, efficiency, and comfort, automation has changed the way workers perform their jobs, and businesses drive their processes.  

One example of this has occurred in the loading dock, where automation has allowed for a vehicle restraint system to lock trucks and trailers in place immediately upon arrival.  This prevents the need for an employee to put in wheel chocks, a potentially dangerous operation.  It also ensures that trucks can't pull away without being released by the loading dock.  

Another way automation is changing industrial facilities is through advanced safety systems.  An innovative example of this is the dock safety communication system, which uses lights above the dock opening and outside the facility to communicate to both dock workers, as well as drivers, when it is safe to enter the trailer, or pull away from the dock.  

Finally, the automation of environmental control has also been having a significant impact on facilities.  By incorporating products like HVLS fans, businesses are realizing energy savings that would be difficult to achieve without automation.  

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