Introducing the Zoneworks TZF Curtain Wall

Insulated curtain wall provides enhanced fire resistance

Featuring internal carbon fiber construction, the TZF Insulated Curtain Walls by Zoneworks offers enhanced flame resistance, limits smoke and fire spread, and meets NFPA Class A standards.

Intended for applications where temperature separation or control with some fire resistance is desired or required, the curtain wall provides a highly flexible and adaptable system for quick, easy partitioning of large interior spaces where temperature and energy savings are needed.

insulated curtain room

The wall is constructed of durable, fire-retardant industrial fabric surrounding multiple layers of anti-microbial polyester batting. It provides up to 35°F of temperature separation to save energy and lower construction costs. Flexible and modular, the wall system can also be reconfigured to adapt virtually any interior space to an operation’s changing needs.

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