A Holistic Approach to Loading Dock Safety Security and Productivity

Loading docks are a busy and sometimes dangerous place. In most loading dock environments, you have semi-trucks pulling in and out of the approach, material handlers buzzing about and employees working around the dock. All of this activity can lead to accidents without the proper systems and procedures in place.

According to the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 100 workers are killed and 95,000 injured every year while operating forklifts. Many of these accidents are related to turnovers or when a forklift operator drives off the dock.

Loading dock safety is just one of several issues facility managers must face. Other issues that must be addressed include theft prevention, environmental control and supply chain security, which are all critical issues for food manufacturers.

Greater safety, security and efficiency at the loading dock can be achieved when food companies incorporate a system of products and a detailed sequence of operations at the loading dock. The use of barrier systems, automated vehicle restraints, dock levelers, industrial doors, shelters and lighted communication systems  – working together – can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to workers, while improving security and supply chain integrity.

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