Loading Dock Curtains Provide Temperature Control for Warehouse

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Loading Dock Curtains Provide Temperature Control for Warehouse

Case Study: Cradles to Crayons uses Zoneworks® TZD Insulated Curtain Walls to enclose its loading dock, keeping the winter cold out and its volunteers warm and comfortable.

Cradles to Crayons (C2C) is a non-profit organization helping homeless and low-income children in Boston and Philadelphia get the essentials they need to feel safe, warm, valued and ready to learn. In 2010, C2C Boston relocated its Giving Factory warehouse and operations center to a new building. While the move was needed and welcome, it wasn't without challenges starting with the loading dock area. Used for truck deliveries and customer drop-offs, the loading dock was open to the rest of the Giving Factory warehouse, creating weather and temperature problems.

In the Giving Factory warehouse, volunteers and staff inspect, sort and package all the donated materials. In order to keep workers comfortable and productive during the long Boston winter, C2C wanted to enclose their loading dock area to help keep the snow, sleet and cold temperatures out. However, C2C also wanted the flexibility to open the area when the weather was nice.

Loading Dock Curtains Chosen

Working with Zoneworks and facilities consultants The Beacon Group, C2C installed Zoneworks TZD Loading Dock Curtains, making a two-wall enclosure (L-shape) of the dock area and several loading dock positions. This unit was particularly applicable for C2C Boston, since sections of the insulated curtains could be slid into an open position during nice spring, summer, and fall days; or into a closed position during bad weather. In addition, a portion of the enclosure includes semi-permanent traffic doors that provide access for pedestrians, push-carts and fork-lifts. The loading dock curtains have helped C2C keep its volunteers and staff comfortable year round.


"We like our cool purple curtain wall more than a traditional wall because it gives us the flexibility to close off the loading dock area during really cold or really hot days, but also allows us to open the warehouse for the beautiful weather days of spring, summer, and fall, which is great since our warehouse doesn't have air conditioning. The insulated loading dock curtains do an excellent job and provides a noticeable temperature difference. It has helped us to save on winter heating costs and keeps our volunteers comfortable."   -Sally Sharp Lehman, Director of Operations, C2C

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