Farm Building Utilizes Insulated Curtain Walls

See how this farming customer changed the way he does business.

Farm Building Utilizes Insulated Curtain Walls

Customer: Farmer

Application: Temporarily divide and insulate a farm building

Product: TZ Insulated Curtain Wall

A farmer in Iowa built a new farm building. Half the shed is insulated and heated, while the other half is not. The shed was a wide open area that was too large to efficiently heat. So he needed the ability to close off the heated/insulated area while he was working in it, but still have the flexibility to move the barrier so he could bring in large pieces of equipment to work on.

For this application, sliding, insulated curtain walls were installed. This allows him to slide open the curtain walls completely to the sides to have full width access, but then can close them and turn up the heat to be able to work in a warm, comfortable area.

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