Dok-Lok RHR-4000 Rotating Hook Restraint protects against trailer separation accidents

Rite-Hite's Dok-Lok RHR-4000 Rotating Hook Restraint incorporates a shadow hook, which adds another layer of protection against trailer separation accidents.

  • The Dok-Lok RHR-4000 secures intermodal containers with rear-impact guard obstructions. 
  • The Dok-Lok RHR-4000 secures a semi-trailer or intermodal chassis to a loading dock by engaging the rear-impact guard (RIG) with a shadow hook.

When the Dok-Lok is activated, the hook attempts to wrap around the RIG. With an engagement range that extends from 9 inches to 30 inches above the ground, the hook reaches over 6 inches to help maintain engagement in below dock endload situations. The extension springs provide upward force against the RIG to keep the trailer secure during loading, even with air-ride trailers.

If the hook comes in contact with a plate obstruction on an intermodal container, the shadow hook pivots to secure the trailer in place. If the trailer moves, the shadow hook locks in the safety stop, which prevents trailer separation accidents.

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