Triple A Championship Venue Features Rite-Hite Fans

The weather in Durham may be steamy tonight when Pawtucket Red Sox take on the Reno Aces in the Gildan Triple A National Championship, but fans in the home plate area will be cool, thanks to Rite-Hite. One of the minor leagues’ top stadiums, Durham Bulls Athletic Park features five of Rite-Hite’s high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans in the covered area behind the first and third base lines. Opened in 1995, the downtown Durham ballpark seats 10,000 fans, with 2,500 under the roof.

The covered area includes three of Rite-Hite's 12-foot diameter fans as well as two 16-foot diameter fans.

"Durham gets muggy, and the Rite-Hite HVLS fans really help fight that heat and humidity," said the Durham Bulls Director of Stadium Operations Josh Nance.  “They are a big amenity for our fans.”

Durham Bulls Athletic Park was designed by HOK (now Populous) Architects, the same firm that designed leading major league stadiums such as Camden Yards, Jacobs Field and Coors Park.  Like those stadiums, the ballpark reflects many characteristics of old-time parks, as well as of the historic downtown Durham architecture.

The Gildan Triple A National Championship Game will be televised live tonight at 7:00pm on NBC Sports Network.

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