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Bruce asked:

We are designing a pharmaceutical loading dock and need to pressurize the dock to prevent air/insect infiltration. What would you suggest?


While Rite-Hite does not design pressurized loading docks, our Dock Seal & Shelter division has products specifically designed to minimize air and insect infiltration.

Eliminator™-GapMaster™ Dock Shelter

Rugged HMWPE hooks on the enclosure’s side curtains seal the hinge-gaps on swing-out trailer doors (equivalent to a 2 ½  sq ft opening), helping to diminish problematic “white space” at the dock door openings as well as reducing the infiltration of dust and insects. GapMaster shelters also greatly reduce energy loss at the dock.

PitMaster™ Under-leveler Sealing System

PitMaster components seal off the leveler pit and open areas around the dock leveler, helping to keep dirt, debris, pests and contaminants out and heating and cooling energy in. PitMaster is the only bottom sealing system of its kind, with over 12,000 units applied on docks worldwide.

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