Project Recap: Insulated Curtain Walls for a Multi-tenant Warehouse

Read how one customer dealt with a leased building using industrial curtain walls.

Project Recap: Insulated Curtain Walls for a Multi-tenant Warehouse

Customer: Multi-tenant warehouse
Application: Divide warehouse space and control temperatures
Product: TZ Insulated Curtain Wall

Customer owns the building but leases out space to several tenants. They wanted to divide off their specific area from their tenant's areas and use something aesthetically pleasing that isn't permanent. Additionally, they wanted the ability to control temperatures so they aren't paying HVAC costs associated with the space leased by the tenants.

The customer chose to use curtain walls because of the flexibility they offer. As a growing company, fabric curtain walls allow them to easily modify, relocate, or remove the walls for any future changes. Also, using an insulated curtain wall allowed them to gain control over the temperatures in their area. The results of using insulated curtain walls are big savings for them in regards to energy expenditures and having the separation they desired.

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