How to Know if a Fabric Curtain Wall is Right for You in 1 Minute

You can make the decision in no time at all.  Just answer this one simple question...

How to Know if a Fabric Curtain Wall is Right for You in 1 Minute

I only have one minute so let's skip the introduction and get right to the point!

Simply ask yourself:

Rigid or flexible?
Change happens. After all, it is because of a change at your business that you are even looking for a wall. The truth is more changes will happen and putting up a traditional solid wall or rigid panelized system locks you into a layout and can limit your ability to adapt to these changes. Yes, you can demolish this type of wall down the road, but at a significant cost and time commitment.

Fabric curtain walls are very different because they offer a high degree of flexibility. Their modular design allows them to be quickly and easily installed, dismantled, or reconfigured at an affordable cost.

Industrial curtain walls can be used in place of a conventional wall in virtually any non-loadbearing application. Typical curtain wall applications include dividing spaces, temperature separation, containing heat, providing sound attenuation, controlling humidity, dust, and fumes, enclosing open loading docks, or wash down applications.

Time is up.
My one minute is up. I hope you've been able to evaluate your situation while reading this and are now able to go forward with a clear idea of which type of wall is right for you.

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