Gaining Control in a Changing Business World

Diversify! Diversify! Diversify! We've all gotten this message with our personal investments to protect us against the rise and fall of the market, but what about the ongoing changes that companies face? How can they protect themselves from the constantly changing business world?

Companies these days are hunting market share by becoming a one-stop shop for their customer base. A more diverse offering of parts, pieces, components and widgets than ever before has become a key survival tool in this highly competitive economy. However, with these one-stop setup changes, a new crop of challenges arises in trying to fit all the tooling, machinery, and people within the same building envelope. Floor space is always at a premium and finding ways to maximize its use while spending as few dollars as possible is becoming a key focus for many facility and operations managers.

The new process or process equipment will often require a defined area to operate safely and efficiently. In the past, a permanent wall might be hastily put in place, effectively locking the floor plan into a set layout. Down the road, this floor plan might not work for the company anymore, but no one likes forking over demolition dollars to remove a wall that was just built a few years ago.

Soft curtain walls are pliable, flexible, lower cost alternatives to permanent walls for dividing spaces and controlling dust, temperature, humidity, sound, odor, etc. Essentially, any non-load bearing wall within your facility can be a vinyl curtain wall that gives you the ability to reconfigure your floor plan very easily when product flow or processes change in the future. With minimal interruption to production schedules, a new curtain wall enclosure can be put into place, allowing you to expand, contract or relocate areas as needed.

Industrial curtain wall systems are fully customized to the application and your specific needs. Different materials can be used for highly customized applications (high heat, welding arc, wash-down, etc.) but standard materials cover 90% of applications. Also, installation is not highly technical and is typically completed by in-house labor with simple tools and project specific drawings.

Curtain walls give you control of your floor plan to use it as you need it, making your plan to diversify your product offering much easier and more cost effective, and allowing you to get down to the business of your business.

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