5 Common Curtain Wall Installation Questions Answered

Installation is quick and easy.  Read how to get your business up and running with your new industrial curtain walls. 

5 Common Curtain Wall Installation Questions Answered

Generally speaking, curtain walls are a simple product to understand. However, the one area where people often do have questions is with installation. In this blog post I answer five common curtain wall installation questions I receive.

1) Do I need a permit to install curtain walls?
In most municipalities, vinyl curtain walls are considered temporary so you will not need a permit. However, I encourage you to check with local building authorities including local and state fire officials to determine if any changes to fire suppression systems or methods must be amended upon completion of the curtain wall installation.

2) What do I do if I have obstructions such as sprinkler lines, electrical conduit, drain lines, conveyers, etc. that need to pass through the curtain wall?
Wall penetrations are expected and are easily field cut on site and patch taped back together around the obstruction.

3) What if I need a door in the wall?
Doors can be installed anywhere in the wall at any time with simple field cuts. Zoneworks can provide door frames as well as a variety of door options for both forklift and personnel traffic.

4) Can curtain walls be installed between racking?
Yes. This is a great benefit of industrial curtain walls. In the majority of cases, you don''t even have to remove the product in the racks. You may have to remove the rack support brackets depending on their spacing, but then simply drop our curtain wall panels in the flue space between the racks. If needed, you can make a small penetration in the curtain panels and re-install the rack support brackets through the curtain panels to maintain the seal and structural integrity of your racking.

5) Can I install a curtain wall system myself or with in-house personnel?
Absolutely. Anyone with mechanical aptitude can install this product after reviewing our architectural drawings and discussing with our sales staff or engineering staff. Typically, we conduct a pre-installation site visit or conference call to make sure all parties understand the procedures and answer any questions or concerns before the installation begins. We find this to be very effective in resolving any potential issues. However, if you don''t have the man-power or time to complete the installation, we offer full turn-key installations so that you can concentrate on your business or daily operations.

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